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Project Description
Whipstaff is a PoC library for designing a common UI library leveraging WPF, ReactiveUI and DHGMS Data Manager. It is written in C#

Whipstaff is a proof of concept around designing a common way of loading and handling a UI application (much like Job Helper is designed around batch processes). The concept is aimed towards enterprise development and reducing the amount of code reproduced whilst ensuring a reasonable amount of power and functionality in terms of group policy, system integrity checks, operating system versioning, etc.

As a concept it is aimed at leveraging:
  • WPF
  • .NET4
  • ReactiveUI
  • WPF NotifyIcon
  • DHGMS Data Manager
  • XUnit
  • AvalonDock
  • Multiple Monitors
  • Group Policy and \ or Customer Policy Provider
  • Support for features in Windows 8 (Desktop mode only) with graceful degradation to features of older operating systems where necessary
  • Application Restart and Recovery
  • System Integrity Checks to aid in Information Security
  • Accessibility taking into account:
    • Colour Blindness
    • Dyslexia

This project is in an early stage so the design and \ or underlying libraries implementations may be volatile at points.

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